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Solid parquet has all advantages of wooden flooring.

Wood is one of the oldest and most appreciated material, used for the flooring. It has distinctive, unique natural structure and colour. Solid parquet is an investment for several generations. Its thickness allows it to be renewed (sanded) several times. Boards are of different dimensions. Lengths range from 400 mm to 1500 mm, widths from 82 mm to 150 mm and thicknesses from 18 mm to 20 mm. Solid parquet has to be fully glued to the surface. All parquets are already sanded and varnished or oiled. Some of them have also additional treatments, such as brushing, handscraping, etc. Varnishes and oils are hardened with UV rays. The bevelled edges of the planks additionally emphasize distinctive wood structure.


Solid wood flooring is available in:


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